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Browning Meringue


Meringue Layer Cake with Tropical Fruit

Our Layered Meringue Cake is a delicately crafted dessert that will tantalize your taste buds. Each layer is made up of airy, crunchy sweet piped discs of meringue that are available in a variety of flavours.


The layers are then filled with a creamy and decadent filling that perfectly complements the meringue. This cake is the perfect choice for those who want a unique and delicious dessert that is sure to impress.


Each Meringue disc is approximately seven inces in diameter.  This layered desert comes in

Small: 2 layers,

Medium: 3 layers or

Large: 4 layers.  


Each layer is typically topped with whipped cream and fruit or your choice of sauce.  The more layers you have the more luscious your meringue becomes.

Layered Meringue Cake

PriceFrom $20.00
  • These delectible treats are in a sealed bag and packaged with love and care to protect from handling during delivery.

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